We have experience with all types of water systems.  Whether it's PVC, Ductile Iron, or older systems like AC Pipe:

Sanitary Sewer

We can handle any depth, diameter, and specification your project requires:

Each piece of equipment affords us a greater degree of competency

Our mixture of equipment assets allows Four Star Excavating the flexibility in building a number of diverse projects. If we do not already have a particular piece of equipment, Four Star will go to great lengths to secure the most suitable and dependable equipment needed for that project.


Getting off on the right foot
The first step to a successful project happens long before shovels hit the dirt. We pride ourselves in responsible estimating, identifying potential difficulties, value engineering when pertinent, thorough MSDS and material submittals, and scheduling the right resources for the job.


The meat and potatoes
A perfect plan is nothing until it is executed. Our crews are what make this machine hum. Aside from their grade A craftsmanship, they are a great balance of efficient, conscientious, and trustworthy. We're proud to have them on our team.

Project Closeout

Crossing the finish line
In this day and age, information is key. Underground utilities are not exempt from this. Accurate as-builts, SWPPP reporting, safety logs, certified payroll reporting, and thorough project closeout documents are all pieces of the puzzle. We take all of this very seriously and do whatever it takes to make our clients' jobs easier by getting all this done in a timely manner.